Placement of titanium implants in the jawbone in order to replace the missing tooth/teeth.

The success of prosthetic restoration on implants depends on the seamless coordination of all clinical and technical products, starting with the initial phase of planning up to the final phase.

Accurately formed and set restoration which meets all the functions’ requests, aesthetical and hygiene can only be conducted if the implants have been correctly planned and carefully positioned.

Very often it takes just a little to get that perfect work of outstanding aesthetics. If it is done in such a way, such a restoration gives the impression of health and vitality.

Why implants?

  • High level of success ( above 97%)
  • Reduced risk of caries of the adjacent teeth
  • No need to treat adjacent teeth
  • Improved quality of cleaning the adjacent teeth surface as well as their aesthetics
  • Quality and quantity preservation of the surrounding bone and the integrity of the adjacent teeth